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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to attend each live session?

While it's highly encouraged to attend each live session to fully engage with the material and group, if you're unable to make a session, please ensure to watch the recorded version before the next live session. This will help you stay aligned with the course progression and the experiences of your fellow participants.


Do I need to be a yoga teacher to join the Peace in Rest Program?

No, this program is designed for anyone who feels a connection with Yoga Nidra/NSDR and wishes to explore this profound practice more deeply, whether for personal growth or to eventually guide others. 

Is this program eligible for Yoga Alliance (YA) credits?

Upon completion of the finalized Peace in Rest Program, you will be eligible to apply for Yoga Alliance (YA) credits. The work you complete during the beta phase of the program will count towards the requirements of the finalized program, ensuring a seamless transition and acknowledgment of your effort and dedication.


Will I be able to teach Yoga Nidra after completing this program?

Nova Nidra for Living is a prerequisite for the Nova Nidra for Leading, which is for those aspiring to guide others in Yoga Nidra/NSDR.  The Peace in Rest program is thoughtfully designed with the nervous system in mind. It provides a comprehensive foundation before advancing to teaching, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared to guide others effectively and compassionately.

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