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Ayla Nova Nidra (ANN) Mentorship & Journey

This is a personalized offering where you can connect with Ayla Nova. Together, in your one-hour session, Ayla guides you through self-inquiry to develop a custom recording aligning with your Sankalpa. Unlock your most powerful Sankalpa and move closer to your wellness aspirations with this special offer. Receive a Yoga Nidra recording, tailored to your preferred soundscape — Music, Nature, or Pure Silence.


Participants in these customized sessions for Yoga Nidra recordings often experience reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, and a deeper sense of inner peace. Many report feeling emotionally balanced, more self-aware, and aligned with their life's purpose. These sessions provide  lasting well-being and resilience in facing life's challenges.


Deepen your yoga nidra practice this winter season at a special price of $299 USD, saving $100.

**Please note there are only 2 available recording sessions - reserve your spot now. be well, rest well**

Personalized Yoga Nidra Recording

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$499.00Sale Price